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about me

Hello everybody!

It’s always hard to talk about myself, but I should make an introduction anyway Smile 

Shortly, I was born a long time ago in Izhevsk, a lovely town almost in the center of Russia, close to Ural mountains, which is the capital of Udmurt republic, to be more precise, it happened on October 30th.

As I remember for my whole conscious life I have been drawing; I went to art school, after university, design department. Exactly there in university was my first meeting with camera, it was film one – Zenit! And it was a miracle, taking photos, enjoying it and after you create pure magic, developing film and printing it with your own hands…. It was an incredible moment when for the first time I saw how image appeared on the paper! Unforgettable experience!

But the real story of my photography had begun when I moved to Moscow and bought my first camera Nikon d 40, I think I was even ready to sleep with it. I brought it everywhere with me and a bit after also tripod. But this is just a nice story. The one of the important things is beyond the words. Photography for me is a colorful way to express myself, express the emotions, and to share my point of view of this world.

To be continued …..